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The bachelor is so dumb why does it even exist

Q: What kind of job do you have/did you go to college? I really wanna drop out but I'm scared to...

I’m in high school hahaha but if you’re scared to drop out then some part of you must not really want to go through with it. It’s a big decision so I don’t think you should ask me(or anyone on the Internet). Consult your close friends/teachers/professors/parents instead! :)

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Q: Hi, it would mean the world to me if you shared the recipe for the panfried tofu, broccoli and rice dish your mum made, and would extra firm tofu work? Thank you!!!!!

The broccoli was probably just boiled and then idk the sauce but the pan fried tofu recipe is on my blog! Nourishandevolve.com :)

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Tara Poynter has a sweet studio in the neighborhood of Koreatown in LA. I’m always thankful when creative people let me into their homes to photograph them. 

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Q: could you give an example of what kind of meals you would have in a day? Im getting kinda bored having smoothies for breakfast then something like pasta for lunch.. Thanks!

Ok I’ll tell you pretty much what I had everyday this week since I worked everyday
Breakfast: brown rice cakes w avocado tahini and jam
Lunch: sweet potato with avo lettuce and hot sauce
Dinner: rice or rice noodles and stir fry

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Q: coffee can be cheap as hell sometimes! I've stumbled across a pack of 50 coffee pads for $1,50 some time ago and they are a) available in extra dark roast and b) super delicious. my wallet and I are both in love with this coffee. you can get filter coffee for that price as well if you don't have a machine that works on pads. coffee = always win-win-win!

I meant buying coffee from cafes haha I don’t have a machine at home

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Q: love all the pictures on your blog! so inspiring.. :)


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I am in love with coffee but my wallet is not