Hi I'm Tina. Earthling, yogi, plant powered, wanderlust

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Q: Happy birthday for today! (If I'm guessing correctly from your instagram post yesterday... If not, then this is a bit awkies) I hope you have an amazing day to equal your amazingness!

Thank you! :)

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Q: Wow your blog is incredible 😍 Your cooking and your photography of it all... You're very talented my friend!

Thank you!

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Gals/guys from Melb what’s a good place to have dinner at for birthdays?(with vego options)

Q: your favourite way to eat your oatmeal in the morning? i need a yummy inspiration for tomorrow morning :)

Banana, sultanas or dried figs and nut butter is always a winning combo. I don’t eat oatmeal that much anymore lately I’ve been loving granola and toast, something with more texture!

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Q: Do you have a recipe for those bagels?? They look soooo good😍

Coming next week :)

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