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I need a donut

Jam donuts are so aesthetically pleeeeasing

Q: is it bad for my adrenal health if I run 5k three times a week and do insanity for the rest of the 4? How often are you planning to do insanity? I've read some really bad stuff about doing it 6days a week as the calendar says so im confused

I exercise 6 days of the week most of the time anyway because I do pretty intense sport at school like today I did a 4k run which included a steep hill run too. Long story short I’ll be following the schedule and order of the workouts but I won’t be doing it everyday, just days that I don’t exercise during the day

it’s up to you how much you do, but I wouldn’t push yourself too hard because it is a rough w/o
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Q: Heyo:) as you make meals, they looks so so good, I was wondering what could I have for dinner that's under 300kcal. I've had a big lunch so I kinda need something small for dinner? Thanks x

Probably just a salad then? With some roasted potato or you can have some curry or soup!

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Q: Your tumblr is supersuper good! Xx from Croatia

Thank you from Australia!

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Q: Could you describe your typical daily intake? :)

Granola/oatmeal, banana, oranges, dried fruit, potato, salad, rice, stuff like that!

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Q: Heyy. I was wondering, my gym does the class insanity too - what do you have to do for it? I was going to join up but I wasn't sure what it was about aha xx

You have the program/calendar thing and you just follow it, everyday is a different video and it’s like 6 workouts a week and they’re all pretty intense, lots of jumps so if you have knee/joint injuries then it’s not for you
And it goes for 60 days

Oh and I don’t do it at the gym I do it at home
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Q: I want to make some of your recipes that involve dates but I don't have a food processor :( Do you think a nutribullet would work?

Yup! Should be fine! Just stop it once in awhile so you don’t overheat it

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"   You are valuable and irreplaceable. If you are ever told otherwise, do not believe it.   "
"   There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything   "
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